July 20th, 2024: Clusterfu$k: Making a Bezel Cluster Ring @ BOMA, Boulder, CO

In this class we will build a three stone cluster ring! We will start by making tapered bezels for round, faceted stones using tubing and bezel forming blocks, practice cutting seats for faceted stones, and then prep & assemble the cluster so that students are able to easily set the three tightly spaced bezels into a modern ring.

July 27 & August 3, 2024: Bimetal & Captured Quartz Pendant ONLINE CLASS with METALWERX

In this demo-focused virtual class students will learn how to hand fabricate a capsule-style pendant for holding tiny objects like stones, found objects or mementos, or anything else that can fit inside! Student will start by learning how to fuse and mill their very own 18k and silver bimetal, in order to create a two tone pendant for quartz crystals to be set (captured) under a clear crystal layer. Students will then learn to hone their soldering skills with multilayer construction, with emphasis placed on depletion gilding and practicing carefully setting the crystal face within the bimetal pendant.
Materials kits will be available for preorder for this class on June 23.

September 7 & 8, 2024: Geometric Bezels: Gold Ring Edition @ DENVER JEWELRY STUDIO, Littleton, CO

In this class students will learn how to form crisp geometric bezels for angled, faceted gemstones in this two tone architectural ring!  Hone your soldering skills as we problem solve with complex soldering setups to build airlines into our rings. We will cover tips and tricks on setting faceted stones with points using bezel rollers and hammer setting. Lastly, you’ll experience the pure euphoria of successfully setting a very pointy and scary stone of your choosing for a unique project!  Huzzah!





May 30 & 31, 2024: Soldering Boot Camp @ B Golden Jewelry Studio, Salt Lake City, UT

Soldering adequately can be easy.  Soldering like a pro can take years to hone.  This class is designed to help students reevaluate their soldering habits to be more successful in building complex pieces. We will start with the basics: how to cut your solder to prevent you from hours of clean up on solder-flooded joints, how to judge the proper amount of solder for the task at hand and nifty soldering set ups and heating techniques so your solder flows where you want and only where you want. Not only will you build a unique version of this stunning 2 stone pendant but there will also be tons of bonus technique based projects to expand your soldering prowess. Drop and give me 20 soldered jump rings!

April 20 & 21, 2024: Captured Quartz and Bimetal Pendant @ BOMA, Boulder, CO

In this class students will hand fabricate a capsule pendant for holding tiny found objects. We will fuse and mill our own 18ky and silver bimetal to create a two tone pendant for quartz crystals set under a clear watch crystal.  Students will hone their soldering skills with this multilayer construction, learn about depletion gilding and practice bezel setting. Fun will be had.
October 7 & 8 2023: Platinum on a Budget @ BOMA, Boulder, CO 
Using small amounts of platinum as an accent metal, we will construct an open, two-stone and two-tone ring. Not only will you learn to weld and solder platinum, you’ll learn how to use a pattern to make the correct size ring and how to combine platinum to silver elements.
August 11-13, 2023: Geo Ring: Rose Gold Edition @ Metalwerx, Waltham, MA
March 12th, 2023: Geometric Bezels @ BOMA, Boulder, CO


2022 Classes

October 8 & October 15, 2022: Virtual Striped Geo Ring Workshop @ Alaska Metal Arts Guild

October 8th and 15th, at 9am-11am ADT
(11am-1pm MST, 1pm-3pm EST)
$150 registration fee to AMAG + Kit Fee $185-210 
In this class, jeweler Baleigh Acebo, will demonstrate fabrication techniques for the building of a two-tone ring with a faceted geometric bezel just like this one! Baleigh will review soldering 18k gold and silver together to create a striped two-tone band, forming hexagonal bezels and hammer setting for faceted stones. For two hours successive Saturday mornings we will share her studio and learn her techniques.  


September 22-23, 2022: Geo Rings: Rose Gold Edition @ B Golden Jewelry School, Salt Lake City, UT


March 27th, 2022: Geometric Bezels @ BOMA


January 16th, 2022: Mawwiage Of Metal: Platinum Edition @ BOMA



Nov. 21st, 2021: How The Tiger Got Its Stripes! @ BOMA