Metalwerx Online Class--Bimetal & Quartz Pendant

Metalwerx Online Class--Bimetal & Quartz Pendant

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In this kit you will find all materials and consumables for the fabrication of a bimetal and quartz capsule pendant.  We will fuse and mill our own bimetal as the base for this unique two tone pendant. Find more details on the class here.

If you do not have access to a rolling mill for making your own bimetal, select Premilled Bimetal Kit.

If you would like to source your own materials, it's important to follow this list as closely as possible and please err on the side of having more metal than you need rather than less.

14-15mm sapphire watch crystal 

1" hard and medium silver solder sheet

2"x 2mm, 24g fine silver bezel wire

17mm sq x 16g sterling silver sheet

18mm sq x 12g fine silver sheet 

15mm sq x 24g 18k yellow gold sheet

3" 20g sterling siler wire 

steel bird nest for soldering

sandpaper barrel 400 grit

1mm drill bit

Quartz Crystals